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Geoje City, South Korea

Category: Marine


Geoje City is the largest dockyard in Korea, a global center for construction, repair and maintenance of large, ocean-going vessels. The dry docks location had massive hydrostatic pressure, which presented a challenge to construction of a new dry dock. The project manager looked for a reliable waterproofing solution that would keep the dock area dry. As the previous dry dock experienced several leak – despite the use of a conventional membrane waterproofing material – a more effective solution that would resist the high hydrostatic pressure was needed to protect the concrete and steel reinforcements from water ingress and waterborne contaminants.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete was recommended for the project’s belowgrade walls and basement structures. The PENETRON ADMIX-treated areas successfully sealed the structure against any water penetration and kept the structure dry. Due to the high hydrostatic water pressure, the biggest concern was how to seal the construction joints; a combination of PENECRETE MORTAR and PENETRON packed the joints tightly and successfully eliminated any water penetration.

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