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Dubossary Hydroelectric Power Station

Dubossary Hydroelectric Power Station

Dubăsari (Transnistria), Moldova

Category: Energy


Located on at the Dniester River near Dubăsari in Transnistria, Moldova, the installed capacity of the hydroelectric power station is 48 mW. Originally constructed in the 1950s, the power station began to show serious cracks in the concrete structures. The number of leaks, corrosion of metal structures, pipes and main galleries, inspection galleries and in the power generation equipment put continued operation of the power plant in danger.

Products Used:

The PENEPLUG rapid-setting compound was used to immediately stop any active leaks; PENETRON crystalline waterproofing material was applied to restore impermeability of the concrete and PENECRETE MORTAR filled and sealed the concrete joints. All repair work was done inside the concrete body of the Dubossary Dam.

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