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Empresas CPMC Tissue Manufacturing Plant

Empresas CPMC Tissue Manufacturing Plant

Puente Alto (Santiago), Chile

Category: Manufacturing


The Puente Alto plant is one of four production sites of CMPC Tissue, one of the largest suppliers of tissue paper in South America. The plant manufactures paper for toilet paper, napkins, sanitary napkins, paper towels, disposable diapers and hygiene products. Recently, numerous repairs needed to be made in the building’s concrete structure.

Products Used:

PENETRON and PENECRETE MORTAR were used to repair cracks and leaks in the sedimentation tank (20 m / 66 feet diameter & 5 m / 16 feet height). A total of about 6,000 m2 (64,600 square feet) of concrete surface were treated with PENETRON. PENECRETE MORTAR was used to repair joints and cracks in the concrete.

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