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Enad Stadium

Enad Stadium

Nicosia, Cyprus

Category: Sports Venue


The ENAD Stadium is home to the Enosis Neon Agiou Dometiou (ENAD = Union of Youth of Agios Dometios), a first division basketball team based in Nicosia, Cyprus. In addition to basketball, the ENAD organization also runs soccer, table tennis and volleyball sports programs. The club is best known, however, for its championship basketball team. The new stadium seats 3,000 on a footprint of about 4,000 m2 (43,100 square feet). This modern sports facility features basketball, volleyball, handball and futsal courts at the ground level, and a fitness gym, wrestling area and two squash courts in the basement.

Products Used:

The high water table of the construction site made the beginning stages difficult, and led to leaks in the structures already in place. Initial repairs to the concrete were done with PENETRON crystalline topical material and PENECRETE MORTAR to seal any cracks and leaks. PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat all the concrete in the base slab and the walls. PENEBAR SW waterstop strips (and PENEBAR PRIMER) were used to permanently seal all the construction joints in the new concrete.

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