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Flisvos Marina

Flisvos Marina

Flisvos, Greece

Category: Marine


The Flisvos Marina is located 6 km (less than four miles) from the center of Athens. The high-end facility provides full services for the special needs of luxury yachts and mega-yachts from around the world. The complex, with 3,800 m2 (40,900 square feet) of space, also offers both yacht owners and onshore visitors numerous dining, shopping and recreational opportunities – all overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Products Used:

In a first step, all visible cracks in the concrete pier structure were clean out and filled with PENECRETE MORTAR to provide protection against water ingress. Next, PENETRON GROUT was used to fill cavities on the concrete surface and for anchors. Finally, a layer of PENETRON topical material was applied across the surface to secure a waterproof barrier to any further chloride ion penetration and also prevent the onset of corrosion of the embedded steel.

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