Tourist Attraction

Galitsky Park

Krasnodar, Russia


Named after its founder, Sergey Nikolayevich Galitsky, a Russian businessman, the 22-hectare Galitsky Park is one of the main attractions in Krasnodar. The modern landscape features about 25,000 flowers and 2,300 trees, with numerous recreational areas, including an amphitheater, a lookout deck for a view of the park, a water labyrinth with LED fountains, and a multi-colored waterfall. The adjacent Krasnodar Stadium is home to FC Krasnodar, a soccer team that plays in the Russian Premier League, and has room for 35,074 spectators.

Products Used

The Penetron System was used to waterproof the concrete infrastructure of Galitsky Park, specifically, the reinforced concrete reservoir, which supplies water to the park’s fountains and water labyrinths, and the winter garden. The concrete superstructure of the stadium was also treated with the Penetron System.

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