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Hellenic Petroleum Company

Hellenic Petroleum Company

Elefsina, Greece

Category: Energy, Manufacturing


The expansion of the new refinery unit of Hellenic Petroleum Company included an underground network to collect and recirculate residual products from the refinery, and the construction and sealing/repairing of 1,000 reinforced concrete wells (total volume: 4,000m3). The reinforced concrete was fully sealed and protected from corrosion, concrete carbonation and chloride penetration to deal with the area’s corrosive ground water. An additional requirement was protection against chemical attack from the high chemical load of the plants’ refined by-products.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX was specified for all waterproofing and protection requirements. PENETRON GROUTand PENEBAR swellable-type waterstops were used to waterproof, seal and anchor the connection between the concrete wells and metal pipes (ø 100-800mm).

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