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Hospital Mauricio Heyermann de Angol

Hospital Mauricio Heyermann de Angol

Angol, (Región de la Araucanía), Chile

Category: Hospital


Set for completion in 2019, this $125 million project will renovate a hospital severely damaged by the 2010 earthquake - and add a new Health Center (44,000 m2) that will provide inpatient services, including pediatric and neonatology centers, modern surgery facilities and emergency rooms.

Products Used:

Initially, a competitive product was specified. However, the superior product performance and better cost benefits of the PENETRON System persuaded the builder to choose PENETRON ADMIX, which was used to treat the concrete foundation slabs, retaining walls and all below-ground structures exposed to the high humidity and high groundwater levels.  PENEBAR SW-45 was applied to ensure the impermeability of the construction joints.

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