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Jade Apartments

Jade Apartments

Surfer’s Paradise, Australia

Category: Marine, Residential


Located directly on the beachfront in Surfer’s Paradise, the luxury Jade Apartments are unique in design with an elliptical outer form and only a single unit per floor.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX was used to waterproof the basement (10m below the water table) and also provide resistance to chloride ion penetration in this marine environment. It was also used in the base slab, elevator pits, in-situ concrete retaining walls, podium transfer deck, swimming pools, terraces and even the roof. Because PENEBAR SW 55 does not swell immediately after getting wet, over 1,200m of the waterstop was used in construction joints in the elevator pits, retaining walls, podium transfer deck and swimming pool. It allowed the builder to form up the majority of walls without having to pour concrete immediately after the waterstop was put in place.

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