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Jändja Fishing Grounds

Jändja Fishing Grounds

Türi, Estonia

Category: Tourist Attraction


Located in the center of the Baltic country of Estonia, Türi is a small town of 5,000 inhabitants on the shores of the Pärnu River, one of the longest rivers in Estonia. The town’s Jändja fishing grounds were originally enhanced with artificial fly-fishing and spawning areas for zander, pike, perch, or vimba, the region’s most popular game fish. For the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, the US$600,000 renovation project of this section of the Pärnu River would restore a well-known summer destination – frequented by local fishermen and boaters – popular with locals from the town of Türi and tourists from Estonia, Russia, and beyond.

Products Used:

PENETRON was applied as the waterproofing solution to the concrete structures lining the Pärnu River and to the sections of the dam above the waterline. Over 1,200 m2 of concrete were treated with PENETRON topical material. The dam and shore elements were completely restored. The new concrete for the outdoor floor of the historical turbine building was treated with PENETRON ADMIX. The previous metal bridges were replaced, and the areas of deteriorated concrete were repaired and treated with PENETRON to provide a better level of durability, which would also result in fewer maintenance issues.

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