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Kelp Tank/California Science Center

Kelp Tank/California Science Center

Los Angeles, California, USA

Category: Education, Marine


The Kelp Tank at the California Science Center is an 188,000 gallon (712,000 liters) tank with sharks, moray eels, rays, rockfish and spiny lobsters (and over 1,500 other fish) where kelp algae grows as large as trees. The Kelp Tank design combines a concrete structure with acrylic viewing panels and a 24-foot walk through tube at the bottom of the tank – and a wave machine that simulates natural ocean movement. This piston also generates considerable water forces on the entire structure making waterproofing of the structure extremely important.

Products Used:

To meet the demands of this aquarium, PENETRON and PENECRETE MORTAR were used on the inside of the Kelp Tank to ensure total waterproofing of the entire concrete water containment structure.

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