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Kemerovo Thermal Power Plant

Kemerovo Thermal Power Plant

Kuzbass, Russia

Category: Energy


Located in Kemerovo Oblast, one of Russia's most important industrial regions, the Kemerovo plant is close to some of the world's largest deposits of coal. Built in the 1930s, it is one of the first hydroelectric power plants built in Russia. The plant was recently updated to better meet the energy needs of the metallurgical and mining facilities in Kuzbass, as well as mechanical engineering and chemical production companies.

Products Used:

Ground water from the adjacent river was seeping through the 1.5 m (5-feet) thick basement walls of the pumping station. Structural tests showed the concrete was still sound and not deteriorated; initial applications of PENEPLUG, a rapid-setting, crystalline-based, cementitious compound quickly sealed the active leaks. Treatment of the remaining cracks with PENECRETE MORTAR completely sealed the walls in a very short period of time.

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