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Kista Galleria / O’Leary Go-Karts

Kista Galleria / O’Leary Go-Karts

Stockholm, Sweden

Category: Retail/Shopping, Tourist Attraction


One of the most popular malls in Sweden, the Kista Galleria mall features 180 shops and restaurants, a movie theater and bowling alley. The basement is home to O’Leary’s, Europe's most modern go-kart track (on 4,000m2) with electric karts running laps at speeds up to 70kmh (45mph). But there were challenges to overcome before the track could be built.

Products Used:

The basement had flooded floors and moldy walls. After a thorough preparation, PENECRETE MORTAR was applied to all the concrete joints and PENETRON was applied to all the walls and floors. After two months, the basement space, now sealed against any further water ingress, was completely dry.

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