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Kutaisi Fountain

Kutaisi Fountain

Kutaisi, Georgia

Category: Tourist Attraction


A popular tourist attraction located on the city’s Central Square in front of the Opera, the Kutaisi Fountain is also the largest fountain in Georgia. A local tradition has newlyweds drop coins into the fountain to ensure a happy marriage. The 30 golden statues displayed in the fountain are copies of the original (smaller) Bronze Age statues discovered in the Kholkidi Plain; these are kept in the Gold Fund at the Georgian National Museum in Vani.

Products Used:

Located in a region with high groundwater levels, the fountain was constructed with PENETRON technology to ensure a durable concrete structure. PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat the concrete; PENEBAR SW waterstop and PENECRETE MORTAR helped seal all construction joints and other infrastructural outlets.

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