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Latter Day Saints HVAC & Utility Tunnels

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Category: Tunnel


This project involved waterproofing a building foundation that formed the exterior perimeter of a tunnel system that provided air return to a number of HVAC systems throughout the building. These tunnels were originally formed by casting a concrete “trough”; the perimeter being the building foundation with the “floor” and “interior wall” being separate components. The exterior perimeter foundation wall was waterproofed only on the inside by application of a tar-like coating. The finished foundational “tunnels” were approximately 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and extended up to 175 feet. Water intrusions were present in several areas with standing water present.

Products Used:

The contract involved cleaning, waterproofing and protecting the tunnel components from further water intrusion and water damage. The concrete walls and floors were waterproofed with PENETRON, all penetrations and non-moving joints were packed with PENECRETE MORTAR. The project was completed under budget thanks to the performance of the PENETRON products.

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