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Maly Drama Theatre (& Theatre of Europe)

Maly Drama Theatre (& Theatre of Europe)

St. Petersburg, Russia

Category: Tourist Attraction


The new Maly Drama Theatre on Zvenigorodskaya Street in downtown St. Petersburg, will give the new MBT access to over 22,500 m2 of space. The new seven-floor building now accommodates a theatre with seating for 600 spectators, classrooms for the theatrical school and a research library.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX was added to the concrete mix for the new theatre’s basement structures during batching. The resulting construction joints (5 km/3.1 miles) were sealed with PENEBAR SW swellable-type waterstop. Finally, all concrete basement floor surfaces were treated with PENETRON crystalline material, a total area of about 3,100 m2 (34,100 square feet).

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