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Marine Terminal 5

Marine Terminal 5

Portland, OR, USA

Category: Marine


Expansion of the potash export facility at Portland's Marine Terminal 5 includes a new ship-loader, an improved control system, and an upgraded conveyor system to enable shorter turnaround times for Canpotex trains and ships. A new storage building allows the potash exporter to better manage inventory and logistics at the terminal.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat: all concrete delivered by CalPortland Concrete for the construction of the new tunnels housing the conveyor systems; the 2-foot-thick slabs on grade; and the 2-foot-thick walls of the new storage building. PENETRON ADMIX SB was added to treat the entire length of the 624-foot long concrete transfer tunnel. PENETRON slurry was applied to the taper tie holes in the walls and to patch previous honeycombing and defects in the concrete. PENECRETE MORTAR was applied to all cracks in the new concrete and for deeper repairs.

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