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Mega Mall Pantelimon

Mega Mall Pantelimon

Bucharest, Romania

Category: Retail/Shopping


The Mega Mall Pantelimon is the largest shopping mall in Bucharest with a total area of ​​210,000 m2 (2,260,400 square feet). The mall features a futuristic design with shopping on four floors, a large food court and a movie theater. The multi-story parking garage has room for approx. 2,400 cars, including underground and roof parking levels.

Products Used:

The full range of PENETRON products were used to ensure waterproof concrete structures for the parking garage, the roof slab and all below-grade structures. PENETRON crystalline waterproofing was applied to all exposed surfaces, PENECRETE MORTAR filled and sealed cracks in the concrete, PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat all new concrete and PENEBAR SW-45 waterstop sealed off all resulting construction joints. The results for the whole complex were excellent; the contractor was especially pleased with the speed of application and the reliability of the PENETRON technology.

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