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Miami One Shopping Centre

Miami One Shopping Centre

Queensland, Australia

Category: Marine, Retail/Shopping


Located only 150m from the beach, the Miami One Shopping Centre has an open-air piazza style shopping area (with a supermarket and numerous specialty and franchise stores) situated under 42 residential units, four commercial offices and two home offices.

Products Used:

The 2-level basement excavation with hundreds of liters of water pumped out per hour, needed a high-performance waterproofing product. PENETRON ADMIX was used to waterproof over 2000m3 of concrete and 600m3 of shotcrete. All elevator pits, base slabs and even exposed areas on the podium and the shotcreted retaining walls were treated. Also, PENETRON, PENECRETE MORTAR and PENEPLUG were used during the previous construction stage to repair severe water leaks in the shotcrete and concrete where another admixture was used.

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