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National Institute of Orthodontics

National Institute of Orthodontics

Santiago, Chile

Category: Education, Hospital


Located in the Ñuñoa district of Santiago, Chile, the National Institute of Orthodontics (INO-3) features an orthodontic clinic, offices and a parking garage. The GITC design is a fresh, modernist geometry of native hardwoods and concrete. With a footprint of 1,030 m2 (11,090 square feet), the total floor space of the four above-ground floors totals 5,700m2 (61,400 square feet). The four below-ground levels provide basement space and parking for 80 automobiles.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX was added to approximately 800 m3 (1,050 cubic yards) of concrete during the batching phase by Concretes Melon SA. The waterproofing properties of the crystalline admixture secured the building’s perimeter walls and the foundation slab. PENEBAR SW-45 swellable-type waterstops were used to prevent water ingress along 1,200 m (3,600 feet) of concrete joints.

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