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Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Columbus, OH, USA

Category: Hospital, Transport


This 110-foot (30 m) long and 8-foot (2.5 m) wide shotcrete tunnel was built under a busy roadway to connect the Nationwide Children’s Hospital with the parking garages located on the Nationwide campus in Columbus, Ohio. The tunnel was built approximately two stories below grade (starting at approximately 24-feet and extending down to 32-feet) to avoid disturbing in-street utilities and infrastructure; it comprises a 15-foot (4.5 m) diameter ring of steel plates with a structural concrete liner.

Products Used:

PENEPLUG, a rapid-setting, crystalline-based compound used to stop active leaks even under high hydrostatic pressure, was used first. Once the flowing leakages were stopped, cracks were cleaned out and filled with PENECRETE MORTAR, a crystalline repair mortar that provides protection against water ingress. Finally, two layers of PENETRON, a topical crystalline waterproofing material, were sprayed – in a shotcrete application – on the walls, ceiling and floor of the tunnel.

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