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Queen Mary Military Hospital Garage

Queen Mary Military Hospital Garage

Brașov, Romania

Category: Hospital


The long-awaited construction of the Queen Mary Military Hospital parking garage was an important project because it helped reduce auto traffic in the central historic district of the city. With over 300 parking spaces, the parking garage was built with three above-ground and four below-ground levels. The project also features 29 parking spots for bicycles.

Products Used:

Due to the high groundwater levels found at the construction site, the contractor specified PENETRON materials to block any water infiltration. PENEPLUG was applied to active leaks for quick stopping; PENECRETE MORTAR was used to fill and seal cracks in the concrete, and PENETRON crystalline waterproofing material was applied across the concrete surfaces in two successive layers (at about 1.4-1.6kg/m2).

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