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ROCKWOOL Manufacturing Facility

Bridgend, South Wales

Category: Manufacturing


The ROCKWOOL manufacturing facility in Bridgend manufactures insulation materials that are non-combustible insulation and fire-retardant materials made of “mineral wool,” or fiber materials that are formed by spinning or drawing molten minerals. In addition to having excellent thermal properties, it is highly fire-resistant and does not release toxic gases or smoke when exposed to high heat. ROCKWOOL products are widely used as cladding for residential and commercial buildings.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX with a tracer was added to the freshly-batched concrete mix and used for more than 1,000 m2 (11,000 square feet) of concrete floor slabs. The tracer provides construction and design teams with a reliable identification control tool – and proof that “Penetron is in the mix.” PENEBAR SW water stop strips were installed to seal all resulting construction joints in the new slab.

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