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Rucatayo Hydroelectric Power Plant

Rucatayo Hydroelectric Power Plant

Puyehue, Chile

Category: Energy


The Rucatayo hydroelectric facility power plant in southern Chile is a key part of that country’s efforts to upgrade the national energy grid. It houses two turbine-generators totaling 60 MW to generate nearly 315 GWh per year in a concrete structure. However, soon after going online, the showcase US$70 million project sprung a leak, many leaks.

Products Used:

PENETRON team was called in to take care of an emergency situation and provide a permanent solution – in only 11 days. Repairs were made to approximately 2,000 m2 of concrete in the slab and walls of the structure and concrete headworks leading to the hydroelectric plant. Initially, the rapid-setting PENEPLUG compound was applied to stop all the active leaks. All the cracks, compromised construction joints, leaking tie holes and other damaged areas were cleaned out and filled with PENECRETE MORTAR. Finally, two coats of PENETRON crystalline waterproofing material were applied over the whole concrete surface. The results were immediate and lasting; the plant is now waterproof for the life of the concrete.

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