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Souda Bay Naval Base

Souda Bay Naval Base

NSA Souda bay, Greece

Category: Government/Military


Located on the northwest coast of the Greek island of Crete, the NSA Souda Bay is part of the Hellenic Air Force Base at Souda Chania. This installation provides support to naval ships, aircraft, detachments, and personnel for both the U.S. Navy and NATO allies.

Products Used:

PENETRON crystalline slurry was applied with a high pressure spray gun to marine storage tanks that were corroded from salt water and oil and fuel residues. Cracks were filled with PENECRETE MORTAR and then grouted to permanently seal all seams. The entire surface was treated with a final layer of PENETRON to ensure an impermeable surface resistant to corrosive liquids and petroleum-based products. The total surface of the ship berthing tanks treated with PENETRON crystalline materials was about 6,000 m2 (66,000 square feet). Once completed, the project met all NATO standards, with U.S. military approval.

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