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South Park Condominiums

South Park Condominiums

Brasilia, Brazil

Category: Residential


The luxury condominium complex features 9 towers at 10-floors each along with below-grade parking garages. The South Park condominium project, situated on a 21,000 m2 plot, has over 137,000 m2 of living space for apartments and suites, and a 15,000 m2 leisure area, pools and water reservoirs.

Products Used:

A combination of PENETRON crystalline material, PENETRON ADMIX concrete admixture, PENECRETE MORTAR crack sealer and PENEBAR SW waterstop was applied to concrete blocks, beams, 7,500m2 perimeter areas, pools, and lower and upper reservoir areas. The project saved money and was finished on time thanks to the use of the PENETRON System.

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