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St. Lucie River (C-44) Reservoir

St. Lucie River (C-44) Reservoir

Martin County, FL, USA

Category: Water Treatment & Storage


The C-44 reservoir one of many projects by the South Florida Water Management District that are helping revitalize the Everglades – a crucial and unimaginably large Florida ecosystem. The C-44 canal project included construction of a 6,300-acre storm water treatment area and the reservoir pump station, which includes 32 miles of berms, 30 miles of canals and 63 structures; all corresponding water control and storage structures were built with waterproofed concrete.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX SB was mixed into the concrete to ensure an impermeable concrete matrix. The C-44 canal system now captures 65% of the average annual storm water runoff in the storm water treatment area. The reservoir will hold up to 50,600 acre-feet, or 16 billion gallons, of water at an average depth of 15 feet.

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