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Terralta Los Dominicos

Terralta Los Dominicos

Los Condes, Chile

Category: Residential


Terralta Los Dominicos features seven 4 to 5-floor condominium buildings and 40 individual houses. This project also features a large central green space, a community clubhouse and a pool. The expansive condos range in size from 200-280 m2 (2,150-3,000 square feet) and have views of the valley. The private homes, finished in a similar urbanist style, have generous floor plans that are 260-290 m2 (2,800-3,100 square feet) in size.

Products Used:

The concrete used in the retaining walls, basement walls, foundation slabs and all below-ground elements of the communal buildings, condo buildings and houses were treated with PENETRON ADMIX to ensure durable and waterproof structures. The total amount of concrete treated with PENETRON ADMIX was 4,150 m3 (5,420 cubic yards).

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