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Tevatron Tunnel

Tevatron Tunnel

Batavia, Il, USA

Category: Energy


The Tevatron Tunnel at the Fermi National Laboratory was the world’s 2nd largest particle accelerator before its shutdown in 2011. Located 25 feet underground with a circumference of 4 miles, the particle accelerator helped research the smallest, most elemental particles of matter for a better understanding of space and time. After 20 years, water began to infiltrate the particle accelerator tunnel wall, endangering millions of dollars of equipment and research.

Products Used:

Initially, PENEPLUG, a rapid-acting compound was applied to all active leaks to stabilize the structure. PENECRETE MORTAR was then used to fill cracks and crevices in the concrete, and PENETRON crystalline waterproofing material was applied in a slurry coat applications to seal all the walls.

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