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The Eliza Apartments

The Eliza Apartments

Sydney, Australia

Category: Residential


Located opposite the prestigious Hyde Park in Sydney’s central business district, the Eliza is a 17-floor development with only 19 apartments. Each unit has a unique parametrically designed façade that responds to the changing solar angle. The AU$15 million price tag for the top-floor, three-level penthouse is an Australian record.

Products Used:

The full range of PENETRON crystalline technology was used for the Eliza. PENETRON ADMIX treated all concrete in the elevator pits, water tanks, all apartment balconies, the roof and the swimming pool. PENEBAR SW waterstop sealed all the construction joints throughout the structure; PENETRON crystalline waterproofing material, rapid-setting PENEPLUG compound and PENECRETE MORTAR were applied to leaks in the shotcrete walls in the four-level basement structure.

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