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Georgia Five-Star Hotel Built to Last on Penetron Foundation


The June 2020 reopening celebration of the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace in Tbilisi, Georgia followed a full-scale renovation of the country’s first five-star hotel. Penetron crystalline technology was widely applied to ensure durability of the below-grade concrete structures.

Originally built using the somber Soviet-style architecture of the 1990s, the Sheraton Grande Tbilisi Metechi Palace reopened after a four-year closure and a $50 million refurbishment that completely revamped both the exterior and interior of the first five-star international hotel in the entire Caucasus region. Located in the heart of the historic center of Tbilisi and situated on the city’s main metro line, the hotel offers memorable panoramic views of the city and mountains from the rooftop restaurant and upper floor rooms.

The hotel’s comprehensive make-over included a full redesign of all 220 rooms and suites, expanded and updated fitness and spa facilities, new restaurants, bars and a club lounge. The hotel’s conference and events center was expanded and now features Tbilisi’s biggest ballroom and 12 meeting rooms (total area: 2,600 m2). The hotel also added a two-level parking garage and a casino.

Simplifying the Construction Process

“During the planning phase of the renovation project, the contractor reached out to Penetron about a reliable – and durable – waterproofing solution for the existing and new concrete structures,” explains Dzhimsher Shengelia, Director of Penetron Georgia. “Our local team showed how Penetron’s crystalline technology could help meet shortened construction schedules and more stringent safety protocols. Our success at similar projects in Georgia quickly convinced the project engineers, who understood the advantages and selected the Penetron System.”

Easily mixed in during batching and unaffected by climatic conditions, PENETRON ADMIX becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix. For the Sheraton Grande Tbilisi Metechi Palace, PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete was used to construct the parking garage, the below-grade structures for the expanded spa, business center and casino, and other basement structures. PENETRON, a topical crystalline material, and PENECRETE MORTAR, a waterproof sealing grout, were used in combination to patch tie-holes and protect the old and existing exposed concrete structures from water penetration originating from the groundwater.

Lifetime Protection for Concrete

PENETRON ADMIX provides permanent protection against concrete deterioration caused by water penetration and resulting corrosion. When applied to the positive or negative side of existing concrete structures, the active ingredients in PENETRON and PENECRETE MORTAR react with water and concrete minerals to form an insoluble crystal network deep within the concrete matrix.

“The crystalline growth unleashed by our Penetron crystalline products takes place deep inside concrete structures, filling in the microcracks, pores and voids normally found in concrete,” adds Dzhimsher Shengelia. “Because this protection lasts for the service life of the concrete, the hotel operators will save money that would otherwise be needed for the repair and maintenance of Sheraton’s newest hotel.”

The Sheraton Grande Tbilisi Metechi Palace reopened – with Penetron crystalline technology used in the below-grade concrete structures.

Tbilisi showcase: After a four-year, $50-million renovation, the Sheraton Grande Tbilisi Metechi Palace reopened – with Penetron crystalline technology used in the below-grade concrete structures.

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