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Varnitsa Salt Plant

Varnitsa Salt Plant

Kaliningrad, Russia

Category: Manufacturing


The new Varnitsa Salt Plant began operation in December 2018. The plant produces salt by evaporating salt brine which, yields a very fine, textured salt, appropriate for applications requiring the highest quality. Evaporation of the brine is done by steam heat in a system that includes large evaporators, or vacuum pans, and a network of water storage tanks. The process basically pumps brine from one pan to another, increasing the salinity of the liquid with each step.

Products Used:

To prevent deterioration and maximize the durability of the concrete elements at the Varnitsa Salt Plant, the concrete basement structures and all the fire and water storage tanks were treated with PENETRON ADMIX. In addition, the resulting construction joints were sealed with PENEBAR SW waterstop strips, which expand to form a positive seal against the concrete when in contact with the brine.

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