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Hellinic Petroleum Refinery

Hellinic Petroleum Refinery

Elefsina, Attica, Greece

Category: Energy


The expansion of the Hellenic Petroleum refinery included the construction, sealing and repairing of 1,000 pre-cast underground reinforced concrete wells.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX was added to all concrete structures (a total concrete volume of 4,000 m3 / 5,200 cubic yards) to protect from corrosive effects of concrete carbonation and chloride penetration, and the chemicals in the refined by-products. Repairs to the tanks were carried out with PENETRON crystalline repair material, PENECRETE MORTAR and the rapid-setting, crystalline-based PENEPLUG. The connections between the concrete wells and metal pipes (Ø 3.9’’-31.5’’ / 100-800 mm) were treated on-site with PENEBAR SW waterstop and PENECRETE MORTAR.

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