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Starobeshevskaya Power Station

Starobeshevskaya Power Station

Starobeshevo, Donetsk, Ukraine

Category: Energy


The Starobeshevskaya Thermal Power Station began operations in 1958 and expanded output capacity in 1967. A combination of multiple power units, the Starobeshevkaya TPP began a long-term renovation and upgrade to a “clean coal” technology. Today, this facility generates 1,725 mW and is one of the “greenest” power generators with one of the lowest level of emissions in all the post-Soviet territories.

Products Used:

After decades of neglect and concrete degradation, the PENETRON crystalline technology was applied to repair over 2,000 m2 of concrete surfaces. A combination of PENETRON topical waterproofing material and PENECRETE MORTAR were used to rehabilitate the concrete structures in the basement, the floor slabs and transoms, and underground transport tunnel.

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